Clairette de Die

HVE-certificated. Vegan-friendly

Area: Clairette de Die, Rhône

Grapes: 85% Muscat à petits grains & 15% Clairette Blanche (harvested by hand)

Alcohol: 8% VOL.

“Clairette de Die” is a naturally sparkling specialty (Méthode Dioise Ancestrale). The wine is unique and very delicate. Light straw yellow color with notes of white stone fruit, apple, pear, white flowers, and honey. Generous and aromatic wine that recalls peaches, pears, elderflowers, and honey. Finesse and intense aromas of orchard and fresh grapes. The wine is sweet.

The wine is ideal as an apéritif or with foie gras, blue cheese and desserts. The wine is also good to use for cocktails such as Mimosa or Aperol Spritz.

Monge Granon was established in 1985 by the Monge and Granon families, two winegrowing families for four generations. The winery is in the heart of Clairette de Die (located in the heart of the Rhône valley). The vineyard is dominated by mountains and is located on rocky and steep mountain slopes (among the highest in France). Their wonderful wines are due to the changing weather with alpine influences and Provencal sun, tough winters, and dry summers.

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