Château Fougas, "Forces de vies" 2015
Côtes de Bourg

Côtes de Bourg, Bordeaux

ORGANIC & BIODYNAMIC. Vegan-friendly

Forces de Vies = force of life

Signature wine. Wine grapes: 85% Merlot & 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. ”Confidential wine”, ”A Must Have”
The label – a little piece of art in itself – symbolizes the biodiversity in a biodynamic vineyard where vines, flowers and insects all are present. Stunning balance between appearance, floral aromas, raspberry, red cherry, red plum, spices oak and minerals. It is a confidential wine that the Béchet family does not give to wine journalists to “score points” – it simply sells itself.

Château Fougas exists since the 18th century and is today one of the stars in Bordeaux. The Bechét family makes authentic wines that bring you taste and experience that you seldom get. When you drink wines from Château Fougas you activate your senses in a new way and you feel that you are exactly where you want to be.

Château Fougas introduced organic viticulture in 2007 and then biodynamics in 2009, which gives the advantage of a pesticide free environment and adds the extra dimensions of special care of the plants and soil and the activities take place according to the moon calendar.

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